Nationwide Shipping Services for Jalapeno Salami 

Taste Our Succulent Jalapeno Salami

Ruzicka's Meat Processing & Catering offers you Jalapeno Salami that has the right mix of spice and meat. We have been using the same recipe since the 1970s. 

We Ship Everywhere in the USA

Are you not living in Iowa and worried you would not be able to taste this miracle? Don't worry, as we deliver it throughout the USA. Wherever you may be, just call us at 
319-624-2870 or 319-310-7034 (cell) and place your order.

A Wide Range of Services 

We offer more than just Jalapeno Salami though. Our company provides a whole range of services, including knife sharpening, meat processing, and catering services.
Taste our original recipes.
Call us at 
We can also customize the recipes according to your needs and budget! Call us now.
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